Updating existing installation to ACL2s version

In your working Eclipse (with ACL2s), from the menu on the top, select Help | Check for Updates .... If there is a newer version available, a window will pop up with the latest versions of ACL2s and Eclipse, unselect the Eclipse, but keep the ACL2s/ACL2 Image checkbox(s) selected and press Yes/Next. Once the update finishes, it will ask you to restart and delete some old files, say Yes. On restart, you will be prompted to repeat the initialization step (ACL2s system book recertification).

Fresh Installation (Prepackaged tarball)

ACL2s (Compatible with ACL2 8.0.0)

Linux      (.tar.gz)
Mac OS    (.tar.gz)
64-bit (See note below)
Windows   (.7z)
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